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A few things God is currently teaching me, that may be relevant to someone else’s current season.


  1. God is pruning you. Don’t resist.
  2. You are a fruit bearer. Fruit bearing trees get pruned the most.
  3. You are being led into a radical life change.
  4. God is always faithful and always on time.
  5. Be consistent on the path God has for you.
  6. He’s still restoring you!
I used to think I was tough, but then I realized I wasn’t. I was fragile and I wore thick fucking armor. And I hurt people so they couldn’t hurt me. And I thought that was what being tough was, but it isn’t.

James Frey 

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God…I need you.

I’m scared Lord. I’m scared that after he has lived such a wondrous life you are eager to take a dear friend of mine. A man who has never judged my heart nor soul. He’s been one of the fathers you have allowed me to encounter and enjoy having in my life. He made me want to be a better person. Mr. Shiny I love you and if you must leave….if this is your time…. Well…I’ll miss you. I’m so glad to have met such a strong and God fearing man. This is the third time the cancer has returned. Now in that ER I selfishly pray for many more years to be granted upon your life but if that isn’t in Gods plan then so be it.

Lord, my grandfather . He is once again sick with pneumoniae . Please watch over him and keep him. I know he is not going anywhere anytime soon but I ask you and my mom and his wife to please be with him.

I’m stressing Lord but you won’t give me more than I can handle so I truely must be strong than I appear…stronger than these tears… I will make it through …I’m just scared that with a few more cracks in this piece of China….it’ll forever be destroyed. Just hold me Lord. Mend me, bend me, and change me.

why is it okay for a black person to call another black person a nigger but when a white person does it, it's racist?






why is it that when white people invaded North America and killed millions of Native Americans they were called “settlers” but when Black and Brown people cross the border they’re called “illegals”?

why is it that when white people kidnapped sold and enslaved millions Black people it was called a “trade”, but when Black and Brown people steal products it’s called “robbery”?






White Fire Dabs before dinner. by fullmelt_wes http://ift.tt/W5H4lX


White Fire Dabs before dinner. by fullmelt_wes http://ift.tt/W5H4lX


you might wake up with explosive farts if you drink a ton of apple juice though.

I try & I try but nothing ever goes right . I’m tired of crying but I feel so broken. You keep telling me to get over shit but yo…. I’m not as tough as you anymore. Ive been hurt so many times and felt so much pain…I feel like I’m beyond help now. I feel as though I’ll forever be on my own. Alone, with my thoughts.


hearing straight people talk about gay people without them knowing you’re gay is surreal. i feel like an undercover spy. they think i’m one of them

Now that I’ve turned the Bi leaf its soooo awkward since they see my boyfriend and I and then see me around girls lol.